Bali Sparkling

Posted in: Culture, Photoblog by admin on December 5, 2016

Activity  : Fields Tour, Culinary
Location : Bali
Trip           : March 2016

“For those who hasn’t been to Bali before, allow us to spread some love. Bali is totally an island like no other, and it has has been enchanting visitor for centuries. A combination of rich cultural traditions and spectacular panoramas, full of culture and yet so modern. The strong cultural identity of Bali is based on a combination of closely related elements such as the unique religion, the language, the castes, the community life, the land cultivation and the expression of its art. How about the food? There’s more than you can ever imagine. We guarantee you’ll have a tough time going on a diet to Bali.

And this group of young boys, they just fell under the irresistible spell of Bali the Paradise on Earth. They be sure to stay in the private Villa, stick around at the daybeds before few lazy laps on their own swimming pool or walk few metres to the beach. They also treat themselves to great food from the simply street food to sink into a sofa at the Rock Bar off the ocean to enjoy the tropical vibes and beats. And with just one day, it’s definitely not to miss to make sure pay a visit to Ubud, paddle trough its beautiful rice terraces, be more adventurous with white water rafting, shopping at the local art market and shops along Monkey Forest Road, and do a relaxing massage. – Photographed by Cedric Lim”

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Deep End of the West Halmahera and No Time to Wave Goodbye

Posted in: Photoblog, Sports & Adventure by admin on October 14, 2015

Activity  : Scuba Diving
Location : Maluku
Trip      : September 2015

“Halmahera Island or known as Jailolo, is the largest island in the Maluku Island, Indonesia. As part of northern Indonesia with probably the highest marine biodiversity in the world, it sits right in the middle of Sulawesi and Papua. A marine scientist Dr. Garry Allen conducted an expedition in Halmahera Island in 2005 and found 803 reef fish species after did 37 hour dives. He did the same expedition in 2001 in Raja Ampat Papua and found 828 reef fish species after 60 hours dives. This is the fact that Halmahera has marine biodiversity exceed the numbers of Raja Ampat. The reasonable time to dive in Halmahera is from June to September, and the best time throughout the year would be on October to May. You may need to fly from Jakarta or Manado to Ternate and continue with the road journey to reach Halmahera. Despite the long journey, in the end you will not feel to wave goodbye after mesmerized into its marine life. It’s all worth to visit – Photographed by Sergio K Rustan”

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The Strangers in Paradise

Posted in: Go Green, Photoblog by admin on July 29, 2015

Activity  : Beaches & Waves
Location : Bali
Trip      : June 2015

“Bali is island of contrasts, where it isn’t uncommon to see people from different side of the world here. But life of the strangers in Bali, what can be more interesting? It’s all the curiosity about traditional villages, offerings, volcanoes, mighty ocean, palm-fringed white sand coasts, cliff-guarded ‘hidden’ shores, and many more. All bring more love and peace into heart. Bali is welcome visitors in search of paradise – Photographed by: Cedric Lim”

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A Glimpse of Sepa Underwater

Posted in: Photoblog, Sports & Adventure by admin on June 3, 2015

Activity  : Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
Location : Sepa Island
Trip      : March 2015

” Located in the northern part of the cluster of Thousand Islands; 65 km from Jakarta, Sepa Island offers beauty of the underwater like paradise for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Its turquoise crystal-clear water, coral reefs and marine life display awesome sight that will leave you impressed. Its pristine beach is not limited to the rocks to resist abrasion as found in some other islands in Thousand Islands. A perfect short getaway from Jakarta Metropolitan. – Photographed by: Sergio K Rustan”

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Batam Island, Cheap Cheap Lah!

Posted in: Culture, Photoblog by admin on May 21, 2015

Activity  : Team Building & Culinary
Location : Batam Island
Trip      : May 2015

“Batam is only one of more than 2,400 islands that make up the Riau Islands province, stretching from Sumatra, rounding north east all the way to the Anambas islands in the South China Sea.  Today it is the third busiest entry port to Indonesia next to Bali and Jakarta.  Lying less than one hour by fast ferry from Singapore, Batam Island promise a completely contrasting environment from busy metropolitan Singapore. And it appeals to many people especially Singaporeans; in various ways .. Cheap, Cheap. Cheap shopping, cheap royal spa and massage, cheap fresh seafood, cheap kueh lapis, and many more cheap cheap.    The island of Batam itself is connected by six large modern bridges- known as the Barelang bridges - to the islands of Rempang and Galang to its south.    We have the opportunity recently to accommodate Floline Hydraulics for their weekend company retreat. It promise a team bonding revolves around city tour, duty-free shopping, team building & sport activities, and of course reasonably priced food! The team returned well-rested and rejuvenated and we thank them for the expectation to us. We are excited to welcome you again in other part of Indonesia soon – Photographed by: Chiok Ching Su”

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Karimun Jawa National Park is Adorably Yours

Posted in: Go Green, Photoblog, Sports & Adventure by admin on May 19, 2015

Activity  : Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Beaches & Waves
Location : Central Java
Trip      : April 2015

The Karimun Jawa National Park (not to be confused with the Karimun Islands in Bintan, Riau) is 1 of 7 Marine National Parks in Indonesia. Taking only a four to five-hour trip from Semarang the capital city of Central Java, it offers Divers and Backpackers natural beauty of marine conservation that far from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan. The long journey will be well paid off by the beauty of the island.  The pristine beaches and seas in Karimun Jawa National Park are home to healthy coral reefs that scatter in an 80 kilometres wide area all the way to the coast of Jepara, a Central Java town, well known for its top-drawer furniture. Two protected biota species in Karimun Jawa National Park are the black coral (Antiphates sp) and organ pipe coral (Tubipora musica). Others include the triton trumpet, the hornet helmet, the pearly-chambered nautilus, hawksbill turtles, and common green turtles. The red-breasted parakeet and other tropical bird species are protected too. Swimming with sharks is a must try activity in Karimun Jawa National Park. Yes, swimming with sharks! Feed and play with the white tip shark at the conservation pond in Menjangan Kecil Island. The most comfortable time to visit Karimun Jawa is from April through November. It can also be visited from December through March, but due to the rainy season, visitors may experience stronger winds and bigger waves. There are 27 islands in Karimun Jawa National Park, and 5 islands are inhabited. Towns and villages are set on the island of Karimun Jawa (the largest island), Kemujan, Nyamuk, Parang, and Genting. You can found the wreck of the Panamanian ship called the “Indono” that sank in 1955 in Kemujan island. – Photographed by Billy Jonathan ”

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A Little Piece of Heaven, Gili Trawangan

Posted in: Go Green, Photoblog, Sports & Adventure by admin on April 27, 2015

Activity  : Snorkeling, Beaches & Waves
Location : Lombok
Trip      : January 2015

“As you arrived in Gili Trawangan, you will be welcomed by warm turquoise waters, white sand beaches fringed by coconut palms, and coral reefs teeming with marine life. Of the three islands in Lombok, Gili Trawangan is the most populated and known as the “party island”. It welcome tourists of all budget levels, from the luxury options to the limited budget. There’s plenty to do (or may not do) here. Take a walk by foot, bicycle or horse cart (no motorized vehicles are permitted)? Enjoy the impressive marine life by snorkeling or scuba diving? Or do nothing at all spend days swaying in your hammock with a Bintang Beer and a good book? You may choose – Photographed by Alwin Pusponugroho”

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Veni, Vidi, Vici: I Came, I Saw, I Conquered the Ijen Volcano

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Activity  : Trekking, Hiking & Mountains
Location : East Java
Trip      : October 2014

“Flight to Surabaya, the second big city in Indonesia. Continue with 5 hours drive to Bondowoso for overnight and 1.5 hours wild drive to the foot of Volcano. And the adventure begins with 2 hours climb walks to an altitude of 2400 meter above sea level. Despite the hardship you might think, it really nothing when you realize finally you conquered the Ijen Volcano. It was very cold on the particular morning (5 degree Celsius) and huge clouds of sulfur smoke would blow into you for about 20-30 seconds at a time. But after all, being in the Ijen which has the biggest crater lake in the world is an experience that is second to none. You won’t even really put it into words properly, but the feeling is something along the lines of pure insignificance. The area is so wide, the lake is so deep, it’s actually almost incomprehensible to understand how nature did all of this, and how long it must have taken. Left your heart in breathtaking Ijen Volcano, and let your hat comes well and truly off to the local miners. Visit this place for no other reason than to gain some kind of genuine empathy with the incredibly tough men, young and old, who make a living here. Respect. – Photographed by: Deddy Priyanto, Dian Jelita & Timothy Allen”

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Some Secrets Are Longing To be Told

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Activity  : River, Crater & Arts Performance
Location : Java & Bali
Trip      : September 2014

” Indonesia is known for its natural beauty and cultural plurality. Let’s discover the hidden beauty of Cikaso Waterfall, White Crater and Balinese Arts Performance.

Cikaso waterfall is one of Indonesia’s natural beauties located in the south Sukabumi. It is known by the local as Curug Cikaso, formed from three points adjacent waterfall in one location. Each waterfall has name, the left named Curug Asepan; the middle named Curug Meong and the right named Curug Aki. You will be charmed by the beauty of Curug Cikaso that has jade-green pond where you can swim on this natural pool. You will also see beautiful natural painted canvas that will take your breath away.

Traveling to Ciwidey; located about 50 km south of Bandung, you will discover Kawah Putih (In English: White Crater). Kawah Putih formed by the eruption of Mount Patuha and located at 2,434 meters above sea level. You will develop admiration feeling at the sight of this crater that has characteristic view of greenish white with a contrast limestone color of lake water accompanied by a puff of sulphur smoke on the surface. While the sun shining, the lake will emit chocolate milk color colors.

Continue to Bali, the island of the gods. Religious ceremonies take place anywhere at any time in Bali. You will find various forms of rituals in many places, be they at temples or on beaches. One of the most regularly observed rituals is the Hindu ceremony of Odalan. Odalan is a festival to observe a temple’s anniversary. Most of the people observe Odalan for religious reasons rather than an occasion for merriment. The process of Odalan in a private temple usually lasts all day. The essentials of the ritual are a Hindu priest, gamelan players, offerings, dancers and meals for the congregation members.

Some secrets are longing to be told in Indonesia. – Photographed by Enriko M Sunanda, Ronny Jauw & Adolf Aditya Putra”

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Underwater Secrets Never Rest in Peace

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Activity  : Scuba Diving
Location : Sangiang Island, West Java
Trip      : August 2014

“You will get impression of life is so simple and peaceful when arrive in Sangiang Island. Livelihoods of the inhabitants consist mostly of collecting firewood as well as making charcoal and picking coconut. Beautiful and pristine beaches, coral reefs, forests, and mangroves are part of natural beauty in the island. Sangiang island is also home to various rare flora and fauna. From Cemara Laut (casuarina equisetifolia), Bayur (pterospermum javanicum), Ketapang (terminalia catappa), Lutung Ape (trchyptus auratus, Wild Cats (felis bengelensis), to Kuntul Berang (egretta sacra). The beauty of the underwater reveal an abundance marine life with various ornamental fish and colorful coral reefs as main attractions for the scuba divers. Even simply by snorkeling at the edge of the sea, without having to dive into the deep ocean, you can see various species of fish and marine habitat. We invite you to submerge yourself  in the beauty of Sangiang Island – Photographed by Sergio K Rustan”

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