Off to the River

Posted in: Photoblog, Sports & Adventure by admin on October 11, 2010

Activity    : Water Rafting
Location   : Citarik River
Trip          : October 2010

“I love Indonesia! I love Jakarta! I love the People!
For every reason that everyone else seems to not like Indonesia, Janis and Eujean love it. They love the bigness that is Jakarta. They feel like they have made some friends there, people who they catch up with on their trips and who eat with them. Wet season has arrived in a shroud of gloom and wetness in Jakarta too. But it’s ok, there’s one thing which still brightens the day. What could that be?WATER RAFTING at Citarik River (2.5 hours drive from Jakarta). That’s what!Can’t imagine anything better than a on a cold wet day, can you?”

-Photographed by Arus Liar-